Meet Spree: The Modern Way to Hunt + Gather

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Get Your Start

Spree meets you where you’re at. Think of it like a personal health goal, but with a little more flavor. Set the goal that works for you, and we’ll help you progress toward it…at your pace.


Pick Your Foods

Spree isn’t about endless options and ratings; it’s about recommendations made specifically for you. Learn about the connections between what you eat and how it can help your lifestyle.


Reap Your Benefits

When was the last time you felt really great about eating healthy? Using Spree makes that an everyday thing. You can track your progress toward better health, and get encouragement along the way.

Get in Touch With Us

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Help Change Grocery Shopping — for Good

So here’s the deal. We’re working night & day to build the most awesome healthy shopping app ever.  And we need your help. If you shop for groceries and are interested in health, Spree wants you!  Every week we test new features and ask a few new people to join us.  By signing up for an invitation, you can be part of our experiment and one day, you can say you helped change grocery shopping — for good.

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